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Windows of AEI

Palestinian Youth

The youth page is a window into the world of youth in Palestine. It contains resources, educational guidelines, and an overview of AEI’s activities in the Youth House in Bethlehem.

Palestinian Women

a window into the world of women in Palestine and their sumud or perseverance. Inform yourself about the activities at the Sumud Story House of AEI near Rachel’s Tomb in Bethlehem. 

Cultural Tourism

This page on cultural and educational tourism gives you options for taking part in interesting tours in the Bethlehem region. The AEI facilitates you.

Wall Museum

The “Wall Museum”

Background story

Once the area around Rachel’s Tomb, a pilgrimage place for Moslems, Christians and Jews, was one of the liveliest in Bethlehem. The Hebron Road connected Jerusalem with Bethlehem, and its northern section was in fact the busiest street in town.



Sponsor a Wall Poster in Bethlehem

Help to expand the museum

We invite you to sponsor a large poster with a human Palestinian story to be attached on the Wall in Bethlehem.  Already 100 posters bring out the stories of Palestinian life and challenge the restrictions under occupation. This “Wall Museum” will be expanded and will present many new Palestinian voices to the world. 



Wall museum photos

The women’s stories

Following is a series of photos of women’s stories on wall posters. Please click on the photos to
enlarge them and read the stories.

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Jenny Salameh: “I really found myself”

Interview with AEI staff

The first time I joined an AEI meeting, Mr Fuad [Giacaman] held one of his presentations. I was very excited about all the new things I learned. At school I chose the scientific track, and we got little history and politics. The AEI filled that gap. That´s the reason why I came regularly here. I also really enjoyed the possibility to go abroad and get intercultural experiences. I still enjoy going abroad but for living and building a future over there I never felt comfortable enough. And even if I could - if we all leave who is going to stay?


Expansion of ‘Wall Museum’ towards Aida camp

On the west side of the Rachel’s Tomb area, hemmed in between the Aida refugee camp and the Wall, is a desolate area with closed garages and abandoned houses. This is the area where a new section of the Museum has recently been developed. The ‘Museum’ here is characterized by a playful, subversive approach. It shows images of challenging occupation and calling for freedom, as seen from the perspective of Palestinian youth and children:


The bulldozer and the clarinet

Service at Bir ‘Ona

Rev. Saliba Rishmawi prays and speaks behind an improvised open air altar under the watchful eye of Israeli soldiers behind him accompanied by an Israeli military jeep. He seems relaxed, but his words are strong. “Here it happens that land, trees and people are destroyed.”


AEI needs communications volunteer

AEI looks out for an international volunteer who has time and skills to support us in our communications work (English language). We especially think about: website development, communications materials and social media use. Important for us is to cooperate not only in technical fields, but to develop the right relation between content and form, and a communications policy that suits AEI.


AEI’s Word: Need for inspiration

Even more than usual, these are difficult times for Palestinians, also in the occupied territories. Not just because of the Israeli occupation and the huge challenge of rebuilding and un-sieging Gaza. Like AEI, many Palestinians now feel more than ever the need to formulate an inclusive and hopeful vision.


Cartoon animation workshop: The March to Freedom and Peace

In June, during the summer workshops, AEI organized two animation cartoon workshops at the Greek-Catholic School in Beit Sahour. AEI’s own teenager members and students from the school joined. In the next newsletter, when the final cartoons are out, we will give you the link to the cartoons. But here is first a taste of one of the story lines.

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